Checklist of the Birds of Marin County

Ken Burton has completed a third edition of A Checklist of the Birds of Marin County, California. This is a must for any serious birder as it shows, in bar-graph format, the seasonal abundance patterns of all bird species in Marin. The cover features Keith Hansen's painting of the Spotted Towhee.

Ken is a wildlife biologist and naturalist. He is a member of MAS, has served on its board, leads MAS field trips, and has been a speaker at our program meetings. The checklist is a gift from Ken to MAS, and all profits from the sale of the list benefit the Marin Audubon Society. The booklet costs $5.00 and may be purchased on our field trips, at Friday night program meetings, and at Audubon Canyon Ranch's Bolinas Lagoon Preserve. To order a copy, follow the link below, or send your check for $5.00 to Marin Audubon Society, P.O. Box 599, Mill Valley, CA 94942-0599.

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